Tracks and Layers was founded in 2014 by Mike Pettyt. With an impressive network accumulated from his past roles, including a BBC staff position and many exciting freelance opportunities, Mike set out to build a motion and VFX studio in Manchester bursting with talent, expertise and personality. 


At the same time, Mike wanted to establish a blossoming community of creatives, developing a space where talented people from all backgrounds could learn from each other, access life-changing opportunities, and share the joy of following their passions.


Eight years on, Mike’s dream is reality. Step into our studio and you’ll find a growing creative team of gifted motion designers, animators and visual effects artists. We’ve also added colour grading to our arsenal of creative skills since Tom Majerski, now our co-director, joined the team in 2020. Plus, Tracks and Layers clients benefit from our large network of talented and diverse freelancers, boosting our capabilities. 


We work collaboratively - each project benefits from a melting pot of different perspectives, drivers and skills. Supreme creative output always results in original content that generates excitement and intrigue. While our ethos of keeping the team healthy enables consistently high-quality work from people whose enthusiasm to their craft never wavers. 


If there’s one characteristic that defines all of us, it’s our love of solving tough challenges. Your creative and technical problems are our inspiration - we get a kick out of experimenting with new technology and techniques to bring your wildest ideas to life. And we have the experience and know-how to solve the impossible  - no challenge is too big or complex.



Our values aren’t just a list of vague corporate promises stuck on the studio wall. They’re the principles that guide us every day, defining who we are and where we’re going.


Can we take things a step further? This question is always on our minds -  answering it is how we deliver our best work. Plus, we’re obsessed with discovering new approaches that can help us push creative boundaries. We achieve the inconceivable for our clients and have fun in the process. It’s a win-win. 


We appreciate new voices and have worked hard to create an environment where people feel heard and appreciated. Harnessing our trusted network of freelancers also means projects benefit from fresh perspectives and new techniques. If there’s something we can’t do in-house, we bring in the talent to expand our capabilities.


Unnecessary obstacles that disrupt the creative process are frustrating for everyone. So, we frequently review the way we work and invest in new tools designed to remove friction. Seamless collaboration that feels satisfying - this is the Tracks and Layers experience.


Never content with resting on our laurels, we’re always on the hunt for new knowledge. Investing in training tailored to each individual ensures we can keep on expanding our skills, enabling growth. On the flip side, we also create equal learning opportunities for people from all backgrounds, encouraging diversity in the creative industry.


Good health promotes happiness. As such, we’ve embraced a four-day working week to help our team members maintain balance in their lives. We’ve also adopted ergonomic workstations, including standing desks, and every employee is entitled to private medical insurance.



Head of Creative

Mike is our founder and hype man, leading the future of the studio and keeping us on the right track. He’s also our main creative catalyst, transforming bare-bones ideas into dazzling projects. And he loves working closely with our clients early in the process to establish the direction for the project - it always results in better outcomes.

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Studio Manager

Megan has an uncanny skill for making the complex breathtakingly simple. She can balance many different clients and her magic approach to projects ensures everything runs as efficiently as possible. Megan also has a knack for bringing the best out of our team, helping us hit our full potential. Plus, she never fails to entertain us with top-quality jokes.

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2D Animator

Our token country bumpkin and walking weathervane, Jake, started drawing before he could crawl. A Hayao Miyazaki in-the-making, Jake can turn the wackiest of briefs into animations and character illustrations that help to bring compelling stories to life. He’s also an indie game connoisseur, combining work and play to stay consistently inspired.

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Head of Operations

Look past Tom’s terrible jokes and coffee fascism and you’ll see an analytical and strategic genius: Tom is continuously reviewing our systems and processes, highlighting opportunities to improve the way we work. And with an unparalleled eye for detail - especially when it comes to colour grading - Tom brings that extra layer of quality to any project.

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Motion Designer

Greg is happiest when watching the latest superhero film, on the hunt for mind-boggling VFX and CGI to inspire his work. He’s also the main reason nobody in the office ever complains of back pain, advocating a healthy lifestyle and good posture at any opportunity. To his kids, he’s a skateboarding, music-making extraordinaire. To us, he’s a VFX and motion master.

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