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It's easy being green!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

We take our responsibility towards building a sustainable planet very seriously. Being conscious of how we can adapt and improve our attitudes and processes in relation to the environment is something which aligns with our core ethos.

When you work with Tracks and Layers, you can feel good about the fact that you've decided to work with a sustainable service provider with the accreditation to back it up. Find out all the ways we do things to ensure that we maintain a recognised sustainable standard.

Our green credentials

Tracks and Layers have been recognised as an Albert Certified Supplier for 6 months, and we continue to commit to making further improvements to honour our commitments and retain this accreditation.

You may have seen the Albert logo at the end of many of your favourite productions, but what does it mean?

Albert are an environmental sustainability organisation who reward certain productions with certifications to indicate that they not only consider their environmental impact, but actively take steps to reduce it. It's often a contributing factor to the success of commissions or even a requirement that some productions meet this standard.

Since then they have also begun to certify service providers such as us for ensuring that we retain strict sustainable standards in everything we do, with all of our services, all of the time!

We are one of the only listed providers of our range of services who are fully accredited with both a 100% renewable energy certification and a Carbon Neutral certification thanks to our tree planting initiative. How do we maintain our certification? We go beyond the usual tasks like the recycling of our waste and maintaining a paperless office, here are some of the things we continue to do:

Planting Trees

We have a tree planting initiative which helps us to maintain a core part of our commitment.

As a rule, we use a trusted and ethical service provider to enable us to plant 1 tree for every day of work each member of our team completes on a project. We are close to having planted 500 trees so far which equates to over 140 tonnes of future CO2 sequestration.

100% renewable energy

Our energy company provides supplies which are 100% renewable and we use electric heat pumps instead of gas for our heating.

Green Lighting

Our building uses 100% LED-based lighting and motion sensors to ensure that empty spaces aren't wasting energy unnecessarily.

Efficient processing power

We've moved away from larger power-hungry desktop workstations for the majority of our work, using lower-powered and portable laptops for most of the time. This allows the electrical usage to be dialled up and down on demand and also helps us achieve the next commitment on the list...

Reduced commuting

Unless it's necessary to be together in the same room, our team are able to work remotely to suit them and their lives. This cuts down on the impact of their commute. Ensuring that we use portable computers & cloud storage means that we can easily facilitate this hybrid working setup.

Ethical and sustainable workplace

Our office is complete with furniture and consumables which have been made using more sustainable materials (such as bamboo). The majority of our workstations have had their components sourced from B Corp certified suppliers. We have recently renovated part of our office and opted to repurpose and recondition materials in some cases to save on waste. Our kitchenette worktop and shelves had previously been used as desktops in our old space.

We encourage all other companies to do the same and to help us by suggesting more ways we can continue to improve and honour our commitments.

Please email us your suggestions to

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