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Our talented and passionate visual effects team with the latest technology at their fingertips will give your film, TV show or commercial a cinematic edge. Whether it’s dropping an alien mothership into the skies above Manchester or simply making the images in your content sparkle, we’re here to execute your most imaginative ideas in style. We love to be involved early in your production process, analysing scripts to identify visual effects shots and working with you to create detailed breakdowns, storyboards and animatics. And by working alongside your production team, we put directors at ease with professional VFX supervision, fuelling a relaxed environment where creativity can flourish. This also ensures post-production is smooth sailing - we can account for all the elements required to create the most believable shots.

Reimagining what’s possible

Our VFX service is defined by:

  • Support on set - we can provide a full VFX department for your production and have all the tools required to capture everything needed on set.

  • Extensive capabilities - our VFX services include compositing, 2D and 3D match moving, rotoscoping, colour correction, simulation, effects, 3D modelling, and animation.

  • An eye for detail - we can immediately spot issues and fix them, from correcting signs on buildings to adding udders to cows!


Work with a friendly, passionate team of VFX masters. We become agents of your imagination, making the impossible possible.

This service is perfect if:

  • You’re a creative agency looking to enhance your work through state-of-the-art VFX

  • You’re a production manager who needs to meet short deadlines without compromising on quality

  • You’re a post-production house looking to add capacity to your current ream

  • You’re a director looking to elevate your TV show or film with cutting-edge VFX

Delight and surprise your audience with captivating motion graphics and animation for your next cutting-edge production...

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