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Motion Graphics and Animation


BBC Studios


Mike Pettyt, Tom Majerski, Greg Norton, Jake Cawthray


Title sequence and graphics for new documentary series Scouting For Toys which aired on the UKTV channel Yesterday


Our approach for the "Scouting For Toys" title sequence captured toy nostalgia, drawing inspiration from vintage references like Matchbox cars and Hornby trainsets. Through mood boards and logo lockups, we presented various design concepts. A 3D concept showcasing the title on a vintage toy box sealed the deal, allowing us to proceed with the enchanting title sequence.


The production process began by developing the static toybox concept into a complete title sequence, portraying a nostalgic journey through an old attic in search of the "Scouting for Toys" box. A 3D animatic was created in Cinema4D, allowing efficient camera movement and object placement with a guide music track. The sequence was refined through iterations, and once approved, texturing, lighting, and rendering were handled by different team members.

Throughout the project, feedback from both the team and the client was collected, aiding continuous improvement and adaptation. The collaborative process and established trust between the team and client contributed to the project's success, leading to an impressive and well-received final title sequence for "Scouting for Toys."

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Scouting For Toys

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